First, we think about what will help people feel comfortable and able to share their ideas. This means making sure that children understand the activities we will be doing and the way we will use any ideas that they share. It also means thinking about:

  • Basic needs for food, time and accessible locations
  • Special needs, for specific communication techniques, but also space or environment
  • Different spoken languages
  • Preferences for
    • Movement
    • Visual and arts activities
    • Talking and writing
    • Individual or group activities
    • Privacy or public sharing

We have facilitated activities such as storytelling, drama, music, poetry, painting, graffiti, photography, video, sculpture, walking, talking, eating together, gardening, mapping and events.

We ask people to use these activities to tell us about the issues we are investigating. Sometimes we suggest topics or questions. We try to let children and young people choose activities and topics for themselves.

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