Taking Action


Take action


We look at the ideas we have investigated and try to:

  • Understand and describe what is being communicated
  • Identify similarities and differences between people’s ideas
  • Pick out issues that are striking
  • Work out what people want to make happen
  • Record these ideas as evidence and recommendations

We try to work out who needs to hear these ideas and to connect with them. This could be people who:

  • Share the same experiences or goals
  • Friends, family or community groups
  • have power or responsibilities related to the recommendations

Then we plan how to work with these people to make the recommendations happen. For example:

  • Inviting audiences of policy makers or community activists to attend an event and make commitments
  • Organising, planning and managing the activities or services that children and young people want
  • Presenting recommendations to committees

Children, young people and adults plan and take these actions together.

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